Design Virtual Trips with Google Tour Builder

Tour Builder, a free Google tool, that allows users to build virtual trips showcasing text, images, and videos. Here is an example for the book Make Way for Ducklings by Robert McCloskey. 

Here are a few suggestions for using the tool:

  • their community
  • path taken by a historical figure or event
  • locations from a book
  • highlighting math in the world
  • various landforms or biomes 

Check out my tutorial for more information:

Google Classroom Tutorial with Teacher and Student Views

Here is my Google Classroom tutorial that has both a teacher and student view. I am constantly adding and changing the views based on Google updates, so check back regularly. 

Click here to view resource in full screen.

10 Ways Students Can Use Instagram in the Classroom (with templates)

Instagram is one of the fastest growing social media tools out there. Below is a chart from The Statistics Portal on the growth of users over the last few years. 

Many of the users are the students in our classrooms. I work at a high school and the two applications I see used the most by students are Snapchat and Instagram. Images are their world. They can tell full stories just with emojis alone. Below are 10 ways students can use Instagram (or a template) to showcase information: 

Text Included
Introduce self to the class, including likes and dislikes
Historical figure
His/her response to a modern day event/issue
Character from novel
Bio or his/her perspective on an issue
Math/Science concept in the world
How it feels about being used in the world
Cover of a book
Summary of a chapter or entire novel
Personal artwork
Artist statement showcasing written description of the work
Reenactment of historical event
Explanation of historical event depicted in image
Science experiment
Documenting the process taking place in an experiment
His/her opinion on a given topic, event, book, movie, etc.
Random image
Create a 6-10 word story about image

If you are using Instagram, make sure that you give them a classroom hashtag to tag their posts. This will make it easier for you to review their work. If you have students who don't have Instagram or don't want to use it for class, here are Google Slides Instagram templates you can use. You will need to be logged into your Google account to access and it will force you to make a copy. 

Google Classroom Question Feature - Instant Small Group Instruction Groupings

In Google Classroom, create a multiple choice question for the students to answer. Design the answer choices based on common misconceptions. Post the question for students to answer during the first or last few minutes of class. Using the sort feature, get a list of students for each answer choice. Use this list to instantly have the small groups you need to pull.

  • Click on the title of the question posted to view the student answers page.  
  • Click on ‘sort by status’ and select ‘sort by answer.’
  • This will create headers for each of the answer choices with a list of students under each one.